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Although my family is from the Midwest, I was born in West Germany and spent part of my childhood in Maine and Arizona with a brief stint in Aledo, Illinois, where my family lived with my grandparents.

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When we finally came to nest in Galesburg in , the mall was still under management by the original owners and, if memory serves me, was entirely occupied. It was a busy building where teens traditionally spent evenings and weekends and families actually did holiday shopping. This constellation of stores remained relatively solid throughout my childhood for about a decade. Not long after the company announced its decision to move, the town entered a recession.

Baby Come Back

As I matriculated at the high school and spent weekend evenings with friends at Sandburg mall, the familiar sight became store closing sales, including Sun Coast and Spencer gifts. Then, in August of , the mall was placed for public auction and subsequently purchased by G. Sandburg Mall and Galesburg are an easy flashpoint in the national conversation surrounding the decline of the Midwest and the surprise victory of Donald Trump in states where Democratic wins appeared surefire.

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After dropping out of my first semester at Illinois State University in early , I moved to nearby Peoria and worked at X-Pac, a packaging company where workers treated and boxed up parts for Caterpillar before shipping them out globally. Many of my co-workers were previous employees of Maytag now commuting two hours a day to work in Peoria. Sandburg Mall is now a relic about to disintegrate, albeit one few citizens will probably miss. Its existence has been maligned for most of my teenage and adult life. Ownership seems acutely aware of its negative image.

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No no no no no! Perhaps they were afraid of a millennial with an iPhone and a snarky blog presence, or ending up on DeadMalls. The dying mall narrative is culturally already somewhat behind the nation, peaking in attention a few years ago. My intentions in cataloging what I view as the quirks and eccentricities of what is otherwise a relatively unimpressive specimen of late 20th century throw-away consumer architecture are not, however, snarky.

I have fond memories of the mall nearer its halcyon days, but in its decline I found a broader appreciation for its bones and imperfections, those inane moments in its design which give its age away. Rather it contains reminders of an aesthetic moment which was already history in our own youth, within which we made our own now-distant memories. I would wonder if this place was what the late 70s felt like, because it did not feel like the moment I was actually living in. The JC Penny changing room entrance.

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And truthfully, depictions of past eras are as reliant on the cultural moments in which they are made as they are on periods they aim to reproduce. Time is not necessarily a series of rooms with objects arranged at moments we can return to and identify as the s and the s , but it is always the present in which constellations of objects and people exist. Sandburg mall may never have been a s I knew, but its identifier as being from that time helped shape my memories of the place and my idea of the era which birthed to it to this day.

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The accuracy with which trends seem to approximate past eras appears to have gotten better the closer we get to recycling fashions from this very century. Sandburg Mall feels tied to a version of each decade left in the dustbin due to its confirmation of how mundane much of the past and the present is. Report a problem.

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