Deadlift Training, Exercises and Form

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The sumo-style lift requires less mechanical work than the conventional because of the wide stance. As with all exercises, the deadlift is not for everyone. If you are working with a client with special needs such as lower lumbar injuries or any other joint injuries, it is important to get the doctor or chiropractor to release the client for such a movement before adding this lift to their regime.

The deadlift itself has many variations. You can use barbells for lighter weights or use a limited range of motion if the situation calls for it.


There are also specialized bars that some people find more comfortable such as the combo bar or trap bar. Because of the wide range of muscles the deadlift targets, some people use it as a warm-up lift before their workout. In whatever form you use, the deadlift should play an important role in your training program. Love going all-out in the weight room and making fitness a priority in your day?

7 Reasons You *Need* to Be Doing Deadlifts

Consider making it your career. A recent study surveyed physical education and personal training students? What they found out will shock you…. Think about your last leg workout — how many quad dominant exercises did you do? How many hip extensor dominant exercises did you do?

Was there a balance between the two?

Now read this important message

Do you even know the difference? What are you interested in? Personal Training Nutrition Other Specializations. Strength Training Deadlift: The Forgotten Exercise The deadlift is an integral, yet often missing component of a strength building program. Benefits As a compound exercise, the movement spans three joints with extension occurring at the hip, knee, and ankle joints, thus utilizing several large muscle groups.

Biomechanics of the Sumo and Conventional Styles There are two basic styles of a bent-leg deadlift; sumo and conventional.

How To Deadlift

The hip and knee joint should be fully extended. Downward movement flex hip and knee joints to slowly lower the bar to the floor, ending in the squat position Points to remember your torso should be straight throughout the movement at no portion of the lift should your back be rounded keep the bar as close to the shins as possible throughout feet should always be flat on the floor, pushing from the heel exhale through the sticking point of the concentric movement and inhale through the eccentric phase do not jerk the movement, it should be smooth throughout if your knees are moving laterally from side to side, reduce the amount of weight because of the many muscles involved in the lift, the deadlift may require more rest between sets than normal You're ready with your technique, but do you have the right gear?

Quite frankly, I chose this Olympic lift as it scared me the most, and what better way to conquer your fear than tackle it head on? But before beginning my new workout plan I needed to get to grips with what the exercise involved - basically deadlifts But Leigh Clayton imleighclayton , personal trainer at Embody, explained things pretty clearly.

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Simply put, a deadlift is a full body exercise that involves lifting and lowering of a bar, normally with a weight on each end, and recruits nearly every muscle in the body. Clayton had told me it was a great full body move, but the science really did the talking. Whilst researching the lift, Harvard Health Publishing informs me that strength training is essential for building strong bones and in turn reducing your risk of injury. No wonder so many runners swear by it as their secret weapon for half marathon and even marathon training.

Plus, a Harvard study of nearly 36, women found that strength training lowers your chances of cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes—so it could be beneficial for more than just my fitness levels.

17 Exercises to Improve Deadlift Strength Immediately - Dark Iron Fitness

He explains that when performed correctly, the deadlift targets more muscles in your body than nearly every other gym move. Now, onto the workout behind the deadlift magic. Interestingly, and to my surprise, learning to deadlift involves more than just the deadlift. This means following a training plan including deadlifts but other weightlifting moves, too. The trainers at Embody put me through a German Body Comp training plan, whereby you do three to four sets of paired lower and upper body exercises with shorter rest periods and higher reps—normally between 12 and This is why the trainers at Embody enroll me onto this kind of training plan—to make sure that learning to deadlift seemed achievable and just a small part of learning to weight train.

Plus, mastering other moves like bench presses, hip thrusts, lateral raises and more help me to build all-round strength and avoid localised fatigue. For my training, Clayton gets me to use a trap bar and two 10kg weights to begin. This is so I can perfect the move before I up my weight. He explains the use of a trap bar because, as opposed to a standard deadlift bar, it targets your quadriceps muscles on the front of your body slightly less, which for women, means less muscley upper legs.

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  5. Three sessions in and week two rolls around pretty quickly. Mid marathon, they let me wave enthusiastically at my beaming family members.

    But other than that, my arms got forgotten as I focused on building up leg and core strength. Clayton tells me that this progression in three weeks is quite speedy, but that my mastering of the phases of the deadlift and having integrity in the way I move has helped me here.

    The Big 3 Routine

    Weight training plays a crucial part in revving up your fat burn but your results will quickly reverse if you get injured. To make things a little easier for me and to continue my deadlift progression, Clayton makes me consult this checklist in my head before I lift:. With patience and some pre-planned healthy dinner ideas to dream of and push me through those late night sessions, I did it—building up my deadlift to a high of kg in just eight weeks.

    Not only did I notice a massive difference in my overall strength, ab definition and energy levels, I channelled my inner Asher-Smith and found myself running much faster, beating my half marathon personal best by a huge 5 and a half minutes to run Windsor Half Marathon in 1 hour 41 minutes and 30 seconds.

    Deadlift Training, Exercises and Form Deadlift Training, Exercises and Form
    Deadlift Training, Exercises and Form Deadlift Training, Exercises and Form
    Deadlift Training, Exercises and Form Deadlift Training, Exercises and Form
    Deadlift Training, Exercises and Form Deadlift Training, Exercises and Form
    Deadlift Training, Exercises and Form Deadlift Training, Exercises and Form

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