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Kiki Darling. Lagoona Bloo. Lilith LeFae. Logan Hardcore. Maddelynn Hatter. Through the Scholarship, Naumoff hopes to gain further valuable knowledge through a PFA placement; likely to be at a high-profile professional football club overseas. It will allow me to use the things learnt both on and off the pitch to work towards being a better coach.

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It was a very professional environment and was both enjoyable and challenging working under Tony Vidmar and Peter De Roo, from who I learnt key information from. I have learnt off many successful coaches as a player and use this knowledge in how I work to this day.

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I must make special mention to my family and close friends who have supported me in my sudden career change. I truly feel their support has been a major factor in me moving through such a difficult period in my life. Whether it has been help with coaching education, work placement and now the Coaching Scholarship award, I feel very privileged to be part of such a great family in the PFA.


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Kiki and Roo Kiki and Roo
Kiki and Roo Kiki and Roo
Kiki and Roo Kiki and Roo
Kiki and Roo Kiki and Roo
Kiki and Roo Kiki and Roo
Kiki and Roo Kiki and Roo

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