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He writes to Wayne about it. He imagines what life would be like for him on the road with her. What does Scarlett ask Toby to do when she finds him at the lake? She asks him to give a message to Juan. She asks him to dance. She asks him to spray some bug spray on her to keep away the mosquitoes. Why do you think Miss Myrtie Mae is protective of Zachary? Why does it seem all right to Toby to fight for Zachary Beaver? Why is Zachary rude to people, such as the sheriff, who are trying to help him? Why is Zachary sure that Paulie will come back?

What leads Cal to think that Zachary has not been baptized? Why does Toby not call his mother to find out when she plans to come home? Why does Toby ride out to the lake after mailing the letter to Wayne? It was fifty degrees outside, but she made me wear a bulky sweater and my heavy winter coat. The cold front never arrived, and I felt like an enormous snowman, sweating under all those layers.

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In this passage, Toby is identifying with Zachary. Authors often want their readers to identify with a character. This makes the story more interesting and important to the reader. Choose one of the characters below with whom you identify. Write a paragraph explaining why you connect with that character. A tiara is a jeweled or flowered headband or circle worn by women for formal wear. A gazebo is an outdoor structure with a roof and, usually, open sides.

Scarlett wants to become a model or a stewardess. Nowadays, stewardesses are usually called flight attendants. Why does Zachary insult Cal and Toby, who try to be friendly? Why does Toby lie about the contest? How important are places to the characters? Loser is my middle name. I traipse over to the kitchen drawer and dig out a fork for Zachary and Cal.

He wanted to tell Toby that Zachary was leaving town. He wanted to ask Toby for worms. He drinks coffee. He puts on aftershave. What lie does Toby tell Mrs. McKnight about the singing contest? He tells her that there was a fire at the Grand Ole Opry. He says that his mother lost, and she is so upset that she cannot face returning to town yet. What does Scarlett believe might keep her from becoming a model?

What does Zachary do when Tara stares at him? He puffs his face up. He invites her to watch TV with him. Glinda, the good witch c. Tammy Wynette, the country singer 4. Cal did it once and did not do a good job. McKnight needs Cal to work on the farm. What does Toby do with his letter from his mother? He tacks it on his bulletin board. He crumples it up and shoots it through his basketball hoop. He tears it into tiny pieces. What treat does Miss Myrtie Mae make for Zachary? Why is Toby upset about the possibility of Zachary having to live in a foster home?

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What favor does Toby do for Scarlett after her phone call from Juan? What does Freddy, the bait shop owner, say about the young man in the photo who caught the big bass? How does Toby imagine he will end his imaginary letters to Scarlett in the future? Why would he do that? Different characters want to go or stay in different places for different reasons.

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  6. Find a few references to places in this section of the book. Then write about how one of the following characters feels about place. A drive-in theater is a place to see movies outdoors. People drive into a big parking lot and park next to speaker boxes, or they tune their car radios to a certain channel. The film is shown on a big screen, as in a movie theater. Cal and Zachary plan to have Zachary baptized.

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    Baptism is a symbolic cleansing that shows that someone wants to be part of a certain religion. Many religions have some kind of baptism, including Catholics and Baptists, two religions mentioned in the book. John Wayne was a well-known movie star who often played tough, good-guy cowboy roles.

    What are some boundaries between people? What motivates, or drives, Cal to become involved with Zachary? What motivates Zachary to accept Cal and Toby as friends? How does Zachary feel about his life? Every Christian goes through this time of turmoil. What is in the mysterious bag that Zachary gives to Kate? Where does Cal want to take Zachary? How do the boys plan to get Zachary into the truck? They build a ramp. They borrow a winch. They build steps. Whom does Toby ask about baptism? McKnight c. Miss Myrtie Mae 8. What gift does Toby give to Scarlett?

    Kate assumes the boys want to take Zachary to the movies for what reason? Why does Reverend Newton visit Toby? He is concerned about Toby since his mother left. He has heard that Toby has been lying about the fire at the Grand Ole Opry. He has heard from Miss Myrtie Mae that Toby is interested in baptism. What convinces Zachary to go to the drive-in?

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    What do the plains remind Zachary of? Paris b. When Toby goes to get his gift back, who and what does he see? Tara, wearing the necklace b. Scarlett, kissing Juan c. Why does Kate park in the back row at the drive-in? How does Toby feel when he is alone with Zachary in the back of the truck at the drive-in? Why does Cal think that Zachary would like to be baptized? What is Mrs. What is the news the army officers have brought to Mrs. C h a p t e r s T h i r t e e n — F i f t e e n After Reading Deepen Your Understanding To create strong, clear images for their readers, authors use a variety of literary devices.

    One type of literary device is a simile. Similes make comparisons between two things. Similes use the word like or as to make the comparison. Write a descriptive paragraph about a scene from the book. Be sure to use at least one simile in your paragraph.

    A rodeo is a public performance featuring acts such as bronco riding, steer riding, and calf roping. Toby watches The Flip Wilson Show. Flip Wilson was an African-American comedian.

    When Zachary Beaver Came to Town Worksheets and Literature Unit

    His was one of the most successful variety shows of the s. It aired from to Taps is a call played on a bugle to signal lights out at a military camp. Cal tells Toby that the army gave his family a flag. It is customary for the government to give a flag to the family at the burial of a soldier killed in action or a veteran of a war. Why is Toby unable to support Cal after the loss of Wayne? How important are needing others and being needed by others?

    Why is Cal upset that he did not write more to Wayne and that Toby did? Toby has always complained about Antler. For whom is Antler a good place? Some people are like that. Passionate about her dreams, even back then. What do all the neighbors on the street do to show support for the McKnights? Whose idea was the Ladybug Waltz? What does Toby do with his toy soldiers the day of the funeral?

    He cries. A shiver runs through him. He salutes the flag. What does Cal do when Toby follows him on his bike? He sprays mud on Toby by turning hard. He forces Toby into the lake on his bike. He rides right into the lake. Paulie, his cousin and manager 6. According to Ferris, what is the root of all evil, besides money? How does Toby know that Zachary is comfortable in Antler? Why, does Toby conclude, has Zachary never been baptized?

    What dream does Toby realize Juan might have? After they make up at the lake, what idea do Toby and Cal plan for Zachary? Choose one of the following characters. Explain who needs him or her, and why. Miss Myrtie Mae uses Oil of Olay once a week. This is a brand of moisturizer. Toby looks up Bible verses using a concordance. This is an index of key words in a book and the context that surrounds them. In preparation for the baptism, Toby looks up baptism references in the Bible.

    He finds the story of Jesus being baptized by John the Baptist. John did not feel worthy to baptize Jesus, but Jesus asked him to do it anyway. John did as he was asked. How does Toby change during this section of the book? What does it mean to be a friend? How important is forgiveness to people in this section of the book? What role do letters play in this book? What has Toby learned from the summer he met Zachary Beaver?

    Ferris asks Zachary if he wants the long version or the short. Miss Myrtie Mae 6. After the baptism, what does Toby do at home? He reads his mothers unopened letters. He reads the Bible. He goes fishing with his father. Who does the Judge believe Toby is? What did all the McKnights receive from Wayne after the funeral? What does Toby do with the Judge the day of the baptism? He takes him to the Bowl-a-Rama for coffee. He plays catch with him.

    He plays hide-and-seek in the yard. What are Kate and Mrs. McKnight going to do on their trip? How does Zachary get to the lake? Kate drives him in the pickup truck. Paulie drives him in the Thunderbird.

    Where has Paulie been? Paris, Texas b. Paris, Wisconsin c. Paris, France 5. Elvis b. Alvin c. What punishment does the sheriff give for going in Gossimer Lake? Everyone must take turns mowing his lawn. Everyone must pay a fine. Everyone must pick up around the lake. Why must the baptism be held the day after the boys think of the idea? How does Toby convince Ferris to perform the baptism? What kind thing did Mr. McKnight do for his workers at Christmas?

    How does Kate convince Zachary to come with her and the boys to the baptism? Why is Malcolm invited to the baptism? What has Zachary made while in Antler? What is different about Mrs. McKnight the night of the Ladybug Waltz? What has Paulie been doing on his trip? What does the lone ladybug on a sunflower remind Toby of, and why? Be prepared to discuss your creation with the class. Why has Miss Myrtie Mae never married? Her brother has always taken up all her time. She never found the right man. There were very few single men in town when she was young.

    Who does Toby have a crush on?

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    Scarlett b. Kate c. Ima Jean 7. Why does Toby think the sheriff is not suited for his job? He abuses his power. He spends too much time fishing. He is too kindhearted. Where is Wayne for the first half of the book? He is a classical musician. He grows roses. He raises worms. He is the shortest boy in the world. He is a world-traveler. How did Ferris get his limp? He was injured in the Korean War. He was injured in a car accident. He shot himself to avoid going to war. Why does Juan walk around with a golf club? He wants to be a golfer. He wants to frighten people with it.

    He thinks it will impress Scarlett. Why did the McKnights release ladybugs over their fields? What does Kate wear on her wrists? He never let anybody ride in his golf cart. His offer was the first time he had spoken in years. He knew that Zachary would not be able to fit in it. It was too expensive to fly both of them.

    Paulie needed someone to guard the trailer. Zachary was too fat to travel on a plane. He asks Kate to drive her. He rides his bike with her on the back. Paulie Rankin c. Where does Toby plan to visit soon? Dallas What does Ferris display on the wall of the Bowl-a-Rama? Chapters One—Four 1. Build Your Vocabulary Wording and definitions may vary. Students may remember the definitions given in the Vocabulary Words to Know section of Focus Your Reading, or they may refine the definitions based on the context and the reading overall.

    She won a singing contest in Amarillo and won an all-expense-paid trip to Nashville. She wants him to take Tara in to see the sideshow. He asks nosy questions. He yells and tells Toby to get her out. She asks if she may take some photos. These are bad times for farms. Toby is relatively quiet, like his father. Toby looks like his mother: blond, brown eyed, and small.

    Deepen Your Understanding Answers will vary. Answers may vary. She has taken care of her senile brother, so she may know what it is like to have fingers pointed at her. She seems to have little patience for small-town gossip. She may also feel that he has no one to stand up for him and he cannot defend himself if he cannot leave the trailer.

    She sees him as a person with feelings, not just a sideshow act. Therefore, Toby did not defend himself in the past when he was picked on. When neighborhood kids harass Zachary, Toby feels that it is all right to fight for someone who cannot defend himself. He compares himself and Cal to soldiers. Answers will vary. Leave it to Toby and Cal to get the "skinny" on the real story about Zachary Beaver. Objective Students will learn about different literary techniques that authors use to hook readers. Standard: Student understands specific devices an author uses to accomplish his or her purpose e.

    Blubber By Judy Blume Jill follows the crowd in teasing a classmate, until she realizes that she too can be a target of their cruelty. Create a List. List Name Save. Rename this List. Rename this list. List Name Delete from selected List. Save to. Save to:. Save Create a List. Create a list. Save Back. The Teacher Store Cart. Checkout Now. Teach This Lesson. When they answer that he raises worms, engage students in a brief conversation about the purpose of these worms.

    Make sure students understand that worms are used as bait to catch the fish. Tell students that just like fishermen use worms to catch fish, writers use different techniques to catch readers' interest.

    Lesson Plans When Zachary Beaver Came to Town Lesson Plans When Zachary Beaver Came to Town
    Lesson Plans When Zachary Beaver Came to Town Lesson Plans When Zachary Beaver Came to Town
    Lesson Plans When Zachary Beaver Came to Town Lesson Plans When Zachary Beaver Came to Town
    Lesson Plans When Zachary Beaver Came to Town Lesson Plans When Zachary Beaver Came to Town
    Lesson Plans When Zachary Beaver Came to Town Lesson Plans When Zachary Beaver Came to Town

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