Prince of Darkness [Bloodborn 3] (Siren Publishing Classic)

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Not that it's a spellbinding game; the combat and environment switch up the bare minimum amount of times to keep things interesting and there's enough repetition that I had to have my podcasts on lest my brain turned into a great big kneaded eraser. But I think the game benefits from a strong gameplay loop. It is hard to fuck up over-the-shoulder shooting, it is the beans on toast of gameplay mechanics.

But Remnant: From the Arses manages to balance standard combat to be simultaneously challenging and not so bullet-spongy that mowing everything down stops being cathartic; now there's a sentence that will get me flagged on a database somewhere. Even playing single-player in my stubbornly obstinate way, the entourage boss fights were never so frustrating that they didn't feel quite doable after a handful of attempts. The all-purpose top tip for dealing with bosses with minions is focus on the minions first, 'cos you can't miss the boss as they waddle around the arena under the weight of their chemically-enhanced balls; it's the little sneaky knives up the gravy trumpet you need to worry about.

Still, I have gripes. When I find a new, extremely repetitive maze-like dungeon, it would be nice to know if this was one of the repetitive daze-like mungeon that will progress me in the game or if it's one of the optional depreciative raze-like luncheons that will just give me a new weapon or piece of armor at the end and then look offended when I don't seem appreciative 'cos Remnant has the Dark Souls problem where whenever you find a new weapon, if you're lucky, it'll only need about twelve levels of upgrades before it can compete with your starting weapons you've been upgrading all this time, the ones you'd gotten used to over the last twelve podcasts worth of repetitive combat, so most new weapons go right into the rumpus room cupboard forever 'cos I don't feel like kneecapping my own effectiveness for the sake of a newer model.

A good lesson for everyday life, especially if you have a job developing new updates for Windows In summary, Remnant starts on a poor note, but with time, upgrades to a solidly basically okay. I hope you'll indulge me as I take a little philosophical curve now. Throughout history, gamers and gaming correspondents have always divided games into the worthies and the unworthies, and this dichotomy has taken many forms: PCs vs. But for me, the split has always been thus: games that make you feel vs. Some games challenge and energize your emotions and give you ideas and inspiration, whereas other games seek only to massage your rodent brain with repetitive pats to the head so you don't think dangerous thoughts, like "I wish my landlord wouldn't keep coming into my house and eating all my family's pies.

Remnant is a numbing game but for what it's worth, it's on the more positive side of the numbing coin. With that said, this is not the From Software I know and love; this is something I won't even bother to beat. I preordered DS3 and it disappointed me, but nothing is comparable to this game. All this game can give is a limited use of the grapple hook who could have been used much more and better in combat. And please don't embarrass yourself with "it's not a soulslike, it's an action game! This is just the worst soulslike the world has ever seen.

This game sums up everything terrible videogames can give like: - Bossfights including annoying minions - Fake difficulty most minibosses deal you more damage with a blow than what a sip of flask can cure - Classic terrible camera by FromSoft, now up to eleven - Stealth is mediocre. Sometimes decent, sometimes terrible - You can run out of "ammo" for the prosthetic. Also, most enemies have a much longer rage than you have.

I swear to god i started turn it off because it bothered me. I tried again with music reaching the various boss fights, and even giving the music second chances i still loathe it. If this is the future of From Software, i hope from software has no future. This review contains spoilers , click expand to view. Sekiro is a beautiful game with great soundtrack and sound effects. The story is scarce, the questlines boring, and the NPC forgettable can't even kill them this time. There is little incentive to play this after the first run. That was the case in Dark Souls, where some enemies are easily taken out by properly learning this technique.

Makes sense! Then in Bloodborne, they took out the player's shield and gave it a gun for parrying enemies you can't parry most Bosses, but the safe distance of the gun was balanced. Block-spamming, or block dancing, for most players, is the most boring combat engine I've seen in a recent game..

Did you not deflect a flurry of attacks perfectly? Well, you are going to eat an attack! Where you not at full health? Well, you'll probably die. Oh, and while you are rolling on the floor after being punished for not playing perfectly, all that posture damage you managed to make will go away because you didn't deal any actual damage to the Boss.

I'm also very disappointed with the Controls and hit-boxes.. They should not be a problem for such a company.

Prince of Darkness [Bloodborn 3] (Siren Publishing Classic)

The lack of interesting items, weapons and the short duration of this game is also a negative. The Unseen Aid and Dragonrot mechanic is also nothing but an annoyance. Players, instead of risking moving forward when low in resources will now, due to fear of the unexplained mechanic and the probability of NPCs dying , return to the closes Sculptor Idol.

It's fabricated length. Because seriously.. It doesn't really tie-in the theme of the game.. And speaking of that, this is a Shinobi or Ninja we are playing as.. There is NO Boss battle where anything akin to Ninja skills are required. Instead, you fight like an honorable Samurai each time without mentioning the "Shinobi Execution" message, that makes no sense.

Finally, Ninjas are known for strictly following the rules.. So when it comes to decide which ending you are going to pursue, not listening to your number 1 rule is out of character. Also, 2 immediate fights and a lazy twist where you become "Shura" is one of the worse things of the game. It seems like they ran out of time or creativity. If you are going to make your Boss a minimum of 5 minutes with basically 4 life-bars , you could at least make it easier on the casual player, if they are to repeat this for days.

Played it, finished it, didn't really enjoy any aspect of it and will not return to it. I would imagine that the pc version runs much better than the night ps4 and I even have the pro, it is about I have completed Dark Souls including DLC for each one, I beat Bloodborn and loved getting my behind kicked by all of them, but I DO Not like Sekiro. I played through the first two bosses, and I was done with the game I do not like the timings, the mechanics or the riposte annimations.

Give me Bloodborn 2 cheers. Loved and enjoyed every single From game before this. Was excited for Sekiro. But it is deeply flawed, poorly tuned and an exercise in frustration. From took a giant dump on their fans here, and I will not be buying anything from them in the future. Yep, it's another DS try. I'm just frustrated how rewarding system works and there is no fun in this game.

It's just constant learning of enemy attack patterns, and I kind a lost my will and satisfaction to play this game.

Alone in the Dark: Illumination

Maybe the most annoying thing for me is the rules - you're suppose to do what game tell you to do, otherwise you'll be punished. To conclude, I never enjoyed playing Yep, it's another DS try. To conclude, I never enjoyed playing this game, it's a constant learning of patterns with no satisfaction at all I wanted to like this game. I like the idea of it, a stealth-action game more focused on swordplay than the dodge and roll mechanics of its predecessors.

But the execution, for me, was a failure. I understand why some people like this game, and normally, I enjoy a challenge. But I found this game so demanding that it was no longer fun for me. While I was able to progress, I never felt like I wanted to like this game. While I was able to progress, I never felt like I was getting good at the game, I never felt like I was improving.

The game was so difficult that when I did manage to beat a boss it felt more like getting lucky than anything else. This sucked the joy right out of the experience for me, and it became more frustrating than rewarding to play. This may be the right game for some people, but if you're not a masochist, be warned. Has some pretty sweet game play, but the difficulty coupled with the penalty of losing money and xp when you die has made it almost completely unenjoyable.

This is the only FromSoft game I won't be finishing. It's exhaustingly difficult. Sekiro was very much the game I looked forward most to in but also my greatest disappointment so far. I'm almost 40 hours in and at the end stretch of the game. Every time I played, I hoped for it to click, thinking that it may be something wrong with me. The glowing critic reviews left and right didn't help either. To summarize what I think is wrong with the game, it's the overall Sekiro was very much the game I looked forward most to in but also my greatest disappointment so far.

The major bosses are also designed to be impossible to defeat the first time through because you have no idea what the exact timing is for all their strikes and combos and this meant you can never reliably parry their attacks which is also the singular way to win. The whole game is akin to doing tiresome dance rehearsals repeatedly until you get a waltz down the way your instructor wants it to be, except he doesn't tell you what he wants in the first place and you have to be beaten into knowing.

This wasn't a problem with Dark Souls because caution could always bring you far and there were plenty of alternative solutions to the same puzzle. By the end, Sekiro felt easier and more manageable when I could play by it's set of rules but that's because it forced me to play the only way it wanted to be played and the lack of player agency left a bad taste in my mouth. My conclusion at the end is this - Sekiro was overdesigned and has an identity issue. It wants to be a little bit of Tenchu, but doesn't do it well.

It also wants to somewhat be Dark Souls, but doesn't do that well either. I have little doubt that Sekiro will not be looked upon favorably years after the hype has gone. But still, plenty of love to players who had a good time with it. In no means this title is a "must play".

Souls was always able to offer a variety of different playstyles but sekiro is forcing you to play picture frame perfect like they want and its tedious and boring af. There is a lot this game does great. World, exploration and progression is amazing. Shame the boss fights are so out of tune in terms of difficulty. They are relentless and unforgiving making it an enjoyable experience for selected few.

I wanted so much to finish this game, but could not, despite the hours spent bosses with little to no progression. Not fun to be charged for a game only to There is a lot this game does great. Not fun to be charged for a game only to make it impossible to complete. I do not recommend a purchase until a system to reduce difficulty of bosses is implemented. I was expecting this long time and thought From Software cannot fail.

But I was wrong. Now when I'm on last boss in the game cannot find nothing else but regret time invested in this. This game looks like fast created without much effort presenting all bad things as "something new". What's the point fighting same boss few times during game? Ogre 2 times, Owl 2 times, 7 spears 2 times, Monk I was expecting this long time and thought From Software cannot fail. Ogre 2 times, Owl 2 times, 7 spears 2 times, Monk 2 times, Drunk guy 2 times, purple fellow probably 5 times. Luck of inspiration and copy-paste bosses? All things which need tuning and effort was putted out of the game.

Multiple characters, multiple weapons, armor, unique bosses few bosses copy pasted , upgrading weapons. Only advertising was done right when they presented all bad thins as intentional and "something new". Hope they will not ruin Bloodborne 2 like that. BB was probably best game ever and deserve good sequel! It's ok if you want to make a hard game, but when you do make sure you give players the best tools so we can do the job fairly. This is not the case with sekiro. This is the game where the developer still want your money and do whatever they want to players without consent.

I know you can deflect, parry and dodge the attacts, but pretty much most of times it's about rock paper scissors. I clocked this game for 70 hours and i spent most of those hours on bosses. Yeah yeah i know you the badass gamer will say "You suck man", But you probably don't have family or a job, but i do. The reason i played this game is because of the hype and i don't want to waste money on the game i already bought.

Lastly this is gonna be the first time and the last time i play fromsoftware game. Thanks fromsoftware for wasting 70 hours of my time. They took out all customisation of weapons and outfits, no magic, no multiplayer. Just parry, more parry and when you are sick of parrying? Well suck it up buttercup you play how we tell you. The difficulty is what it is, we all buy these for the Terrible. The difficulty is what it is, we all buy these for the difficulty. There's 4 different endings but who cares, this is a one and done game. Never to be played again, even streamers have abandoned it after a month or two which is incredible considering how popular DS3 and BB still were 3 and 4 years later.

All the rpg elements have been stripped out of the game leaving a action game which you can acquire new attacks in. The boss fights are overly difficult compared to bloodborne or souls because many of the battles rely on you have very good timing to parry attacks.

And it just becomes annoying unlike previous games where if you died it felt like your fault, and you could go away and level All the rpg elements have been stripped out of the game leaving a action game which you can acquire new attacks in. And it just becomes annoying unlike previous games where if you died it felt like your fault, and you could go away and level up or get new weapons or shields and etc and come back.

Here you just have to keep bashing your head against the wall and hope for the best. The parry and break stance mechanic you need to beat bosses just feels cheap and annoying because there is no way most bosses can ever be beaten on first try like in their other games and it takes so long to wear some of them down and then a lot of times that can one hit you and you have to start over from a spawn point that takes minutes to reach the boss again..

I just could not be FD after about 10 hours in and moved on to other games that are actually fun to play. Its a shame as there was massive potential here if they just spent time balancing the boss fights and adding a character build system to give players options. A very disappointing game. The game started very good but the further I progressed the game just became a kill boss after other boss game. They could have created just a arena and fight 53 bosses in a row and you would hardly know the difference. I seems that they have rushed through the game development and just threw in some bosses and several times the bosses are exactly the same.

I A very disappointing game. I hope their next game will be from the same quality as Bloodborne again. How to Take Dark Souls. Tell everybody that its absolutely not a Dark Souls. Attention: dont explain why, because it is still Dark Souls. Rip off: - character customization. Oh, dont forget to rip off all ladders! Repeat again that Sekiro is not a Dark Souls! Sure that you ripped all variety.

Better - do it twice. Hooray, Sekiro is done! And now - seriously. Souls games was beaten by me atleast three times each. In DS3 was spent about hours, even now you can see tons of videos about this game, interestin mechanics and tactics, different ways to play, mods. Sekiro was frustrated after 25 hours of gameplay They are ripped off too many things to vary gameplay in different ways and game became too bland, i dont wait anything new after first half of game.

This is first From's game which i dropped unfinished. Anyway, Sekiro still a good game. It was an interesting experience atleast until all tools was collected. Yes, at this moment i'll vote for it as GOTY and give 7 of 10, but Why only 2? For me, Sekiro is not way forward, its a step back - we are lost too many great things So, as looking at many overhiped reviews, i still should hope that their next game wont be a 10 hours dash through the straight gray corridor, filled with 5 phased one shoting enemies.

Or, something like a Sinner An average, rough-around-the-edges project with a sparkle of potential, but it's not, it's their newest game. It is severely lacking content and features compared to previous titles, and a narrative seems to have developed where comparing Sekiro to Dark Souls or Bloodborne is taboo. Thing is, it IS Dark Souls, all the major hallmarks are there, but with a different coat of paint. You have shrines instead of bonfires, but they serve the same purpose.

Enemies respawn if you die or rest, even the item descriptions and the wording of those descriptions is almost identical to items from Dark Souls or Bloodborne. Comparison is inevitable and it works to Sekiro's detriment as it simply does not measure up. What I absolutely despise about this game is the extreme narrow approach to play style. You have one weapon, a few gadgets that serve VERY specific purposes and some special moves, none of which have been terribly effective so far. I'll admit I never really got "gud" at the Souls games, I enjoyed playing them with my friends, I enjoyed co-op, strength builds, miracles, playing my character my way.

But not Sekiro, oh no. You must parry. It is the only way to play the game. I've never been a big fan of parrying, the PVP community from the Souls games absolutely soured me on the whole mechanic. I think it's cheap, dishonest and essentially shuts out any alternative styles. Sekiro suffers from it's lack of leveling up. In Dark Souls, if you were struggling, you could grind a bit, increase your health or your strength or pump your spells a little more.

You could upgrade your weapon, or try a different one. Sekiro has no options. One build, one weapon, one technique, rinse and repeat. It's dull, it's not challenging it's just tedious, more about rote memorisation and pattern recognition than adapting. Plus, the game doesn't play by its own rules. Early on, I came across a A big samurai guy that needs TWO death blows to kill. I figured I could get the first one with a sneak attack, and after trying and failing a couple times to fight him face to face I thought I'd just grapple away, wait for him to stop aggroing and sneak attack him again for the second deathblow.

But no. He regenerates completely. The game has just said "No, play it OUR way". Even though Wolf is a sneaky shinobi man who uses trickery and subterfuge, except don't use trickery or subterfuge, just parry you scrub. This is a step in the wrong direction for them. I refuse to praise this stripping away of content and options as "trying something new". New isn't always good. This game is very hard and has been very annoying and also the ending was not that good. Making a game hard does not make it good. Sekiro is a good game overall but it's finished with piss. The ambience is great and the difficulty is high, and the fights are somehow rewarding, like in DS.

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However, if you're not good enough the first levels, the game puts you in a deadlock. I died multiple time trying to hone my skills, because I was willing to get this game better. By fighting one of the first bosses with clever use of fire tools, I realized these consumables slowly got depleted after each of my rebirth, with got me at 0 charge and made the already tough bass impossible for me to beat. The only way to by these are with money, and dying removes your cash. So when your only option to progress is to start another game, that's when you realize this game is just broken.

Another over hyped game from From Software. Boring world with tedious game mechanics. Give me Wither 3 anyday to this. This is not fun. I am a fan for hard games. I loved Nioh which was hard as hell, but it at least gives you a sense of success and improvement. But Sekiro is boring-hard. It is not combat, it is domination and humiliation of a boring shinobi by ugly, repetitive enemies. You don't get the chance to perfect your combat because there is stealth, but you use stealth so much that you become too This is not fun.

You don't get the chance to perfect your combat because there is stealth, but you use stealth so much that you become too dependent on it. That's why they put Hanbei the Undying. Graphics are not what they should be today and even on PS4 Pro the fps is so low, it does not satisfy.

World is just too shallow.

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Game doesn't give you much, skills do not feel like you are getting better at things. Deflect just doesn't work, it feels like it's random. If you are not a game-zombie who spends hours and hours on every unnecessary game, then you won't like Sekiro. If not, I'd advise a rental first. But let's put a little more thought into Tedious. But let's put a little more thought into this - difficulty is not the only measure of a game's quality. To be fair, we were all aware that this wouldn't be a Soulsborne sequel.

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But its being a From game, I remained optimistic. What's been delivered falls short of expectations. First criticism: it's extremely one-note. If you don't dig that one mechanic Oh by the way, frame rate is a little dodgy on PS4, so this timing-intensive mechanic will be routinely undermined by There's also a stealth component for those of you who like crouching in grass and moving very slowly.

From's siren song of "hard but FAIR" cannot be sung for this game. Fans may tell you otherwise, but the game is frequently arbitrary, and never in your favor. In the middle of a boss battle, if you stray a few feet too far, the boss might lose interest in you for a moment, and magically regain all of his health and "deathblow" points.

I'm not talking about posture, which enemies regain as a matter of course when you're not engaged. Your own health and resurrection points? Yeah, not so much. It's already hard as nails; it really needn't cheat. Finally, there just isn't enough variety here to make it worthwhile. I happily endured all of From's previous games because, in between the steep challenges, there was such a thrill in unfolding the world and all the RPG systems. You flit about with your grappling hook - novel at first, but eventually this undermines any sense of structure or mystery. Skill trees offer some interesting upgrades, but also a lot of obvious filler.

Minimum amount of flair. The boss to non-boss ratio is much, much higher than in Soulsborne, or in fact any game I've ever played excepting Shadow of the Colossus, which was famously all-bosses. If you enjoyed the exploration and slow burn of Soulsborne as much as or like me, more than the boss battles, then Sekiro is going to bore you to tears. Graphics are a mixed bag. The writing and voice acting are quite dull. In summary: not feeling it. Except for the tendinitis, arthritis, etc. The game is way too difficult.

The story is quite boring. I finished Bloodborne with DLC, it was hard but rewarding.

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Sekiro is just too hard with almost no reward. Frustration is enormous. Don't do that to yours nervous system. After every session of the game you may feel like a zombie or a person after a brain damage of some sort. Milliseconds count so if you have any casual TV, The game is way too difficult. Milliseconds count so if you have any casual TV, don't even start to play. When you attempt to move, you will die before it will take an effect on the screen. I'm quite upset that From Software waste this game to pleased just some freaks out there.

Some say that this is just a "freedom" of artist to create their work. That's true, but thanks to the mutual freedom - now I know that I will think twice before I consider to buy any new From Software game. I cannot begin to describe how disappointing this game is. Sekiro is a game that gets worse the longer you play and goes for quantity over quality and it shows.

Despite the emphasize on the prosthetic tool the need to grind out items in order to use it makes using I cannot begin to describe how disappointing this game is. Despite the emphasize on the prosthetic tool the need to grind out items in order to use it makes using any tools on anything other then a mini boss a complete waste of time and resources. The stealth however is phenomenal, as is the level design, unfortunately with nothing to look forward to this game is a waste of time at best, and a complete ripoff at worst. Im a huge from software fan.

To be honest, I loved Sekiro's setting, but that is not enough to make me liking this game. I played this game in about 11 hours until I randomly stoped playing, why? The difficulty destroyd my enjoment, aswell my progression was lost all the time when I died. Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Write a review. Tracy L Ranson. Tell us if something is incorrect.

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Prince of Darkness [Bloodborn 3] (Siren Publishing Classic) Prince of Darkness [Bloodborn 3] (Siren Publishing Classic)
Prince of Darkness [Bloodborn 3] (Siren Publishing Classic) Prince of Darkness [Bloodborn 3] (Siren Publishing Classic)
Prince of Darkness [Bloodborn 3] (Siren Publishing Classic) Prince of Darkness [Bloodborn 3] (Siren Publishing Classic)
Prince of Darkness [Bloodborn 3] (Siren Publishing Classic) Prince of Darkness [Bloodborn 3] (Siren Publishing Classic)
Prince of Darkness [Bloodborn 3] (Siren Publishing Classic) Prince of Darkness [Bloodborn 3] (Siren Publishing Classic)
Prince of Darkness [Bloodborn 3] (Siren Publishing Classic) Prince of Darkness [Bloodborn 3] (Siren Publishing Classic)
Prince of Darkness [Bloodborn 3] (Siren Publishing Classic) Prince of Darkness [Bloodborn 3] (Siren Publishing Classic)
Prince of Darkness [Bloodborn 3] (Siren Publishing Classic) Prince of Darkness [Bloodborn 3] (Siren Publishing Classic)

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