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Jan 08, AM. Holy cow!! I will have to see if I have ever read Marie Jan 08, PM. Feb 02, AM. Mar 08, PM. I can promise, this is a book you don't want to miss! Donna, thank you so much for inviting me as your guest on your blog, and I have the pleasure of reciprocating with you on my blog! Although we work on opposite sides of the Atlantic, we write in a similar genre and our books have much in common, combining history, mystery and a touch Half the fun of writing novels is the research.

But when is the best time to do it? If it's an historical novel, then it's really important to steep yourself in that period before setting pen to paper or opening that new document. You need not only to read what has been written about the period, but things written in that period. You want to capture something of how people thought, as well as lived. Place is very important to me. My first children's novels arose from places in my native West Country that cried out to have stories written about them.

The challenge This time a special edition just for ereaders. One of the glories of the internet is making conversations like this available around the world. SC: Just finished reading "A Very They just carried the flag to the top of Glastonbury Tor! Another friend sent me a Facebook message from Kentucky. We hadn't seen the opening of the London Olympics yet.

But now we have! Glastonbury Tor recreated in the center of the Olympic stadium in London. A children's choir singing "Jerusalem":. And did those feet in ancient time Walk upon England's mountain green? And was the holy Lamb of God On England's pleasant pastures seen? And did the countenance divine Shine forth upon Arriving at this new look has been an interesting process because the proposed cover they first sent me was somewhat more mysterious that that for earlier titles, but still in the original format of the series:. Not only will the look be different, the size will also be slightly different.

And probably the silliest. How many of us could write any sort of novel— let alone a murder mystery— based on what we know? And yet, I'd have to say that all of my books have grown out of my real life experiences. Except for the murders, you understand. The fact that so May was a mixture of work and play.

Well, I did think about this and that for the next book. It takes a long time for me to ponder this and that before I actually start writing the next story, so this was Celebrate with me! I just clicked the send button! With a great "Woo-hoo! Strapline: "A quiet Welsh Pilgrimage becomes a life-and-death struggle between good and evil". People often ask me how long it takes me to write a book. This one has been quite a model of efficiency. The idea rattled around in my head and in notes on my computer for some time, but by early in they were well enough formed that I was planning my research trip.

I needed two things: to experience a walking pilgrimage I love a gothic novel! I could hardly wait to receive a copy of Ms Crows book to review. I particularly was anxious to read one set in a monastery with a proper, would-be novice nun, Beginning week 3 of my Pump Up Your Book Tour and great fun it's been so far with two weeks yet to go.

Just wanted to share some highlights to date:. I love a good mystery and put it in a monastery and historic churches in London, makes it all the more fun and suspenseful! This novel is fast paced Whether an author loves or dreads them, whether you consider them the best part of the job or the worst part, the fact of the matter is that author interviews are part of the job. It's always an open question— what's most important in how readers react to your novel: setting, plot, characters. I most often choose what I'll read on the basis of background.

Perhaps that relates to the escapism function of literature. But at the end of the day, no matter how much I love the place, if there aren't people I like there I won't finish the book. The cover art is an interesting translation of the picture of Fountains Abbey from the English language version with the addition of Lindisfarne Castle on top— a perfectly valid addition since Lindisfarne does feature in the novel. Just as the Great Easter Vigil, traditionally celebrated just before dawn on Easter morning, is thehigh point of the Christian year, so is it the climax of Felicity's search for the murderer in A Darkly Hidden Truth:.

They met in total darkness on the wide gravel path in front of the church. Felicity guessed it must be something before four a. A lone bird on an overhead branch proclaimed its faith in the approaching dawn, but the sky showed not a streak of promise. At least it had quit raining, but the pre-dawn damp was just as chill.

Felicity spends most of her time finding dead bodies and solving the crime; chasing murderers and being chased by them; rescuing Antony or being rescued by him. But she does occasionally take time out for worship. After all, she is studying theology in a monastery and thinking of becoming a nun.

The Solemn Liturgy continued with readings, Psalms and prayers. All stood for the singing of the Passion according to St. John by the cantors. At the line ". He gave up his spirit" all genuflected and paused in silence. Cynthia was right. The silence was The Watches of the Night is my favorite of the series— along with Code of Silence and, well, all the others— so I'm fascinated to read of the impact discovering the perfect setting in Tuscany had on her writing.

Settings get me started, and give me all kinds of story ideas, and then become as alive for me as the characters in my books. We all need like-minded people to support us, encourage us, weep with us in hard times and celebrate with our successes. Plus an occasional postal letter written on real paper with a real postage stamp— remember those days?

Donna: Sally Wright is back with us today to share more about the backgrounds of her wonderful Ben Reese Mysteries— all of which are now available in ebook format. Today Sally shares about a passion we share— Scotland— followed by an equally enchanting location— Oxford. Looking at these pictures can give you some idea why I'm such a big fan of the Ben Reese books— reading them is like taking a trip to some of my favorite places.

Sally, let's start with the last of the series first. Tell us about Code of Silence. Donna: Welcome Debbi. I think a lot of Debbi's success is due to the intelligence underlying her stories. They aren't just clever plots, My verdict:. In the writing world it could be all over again. Well, except for the reliance on up-to-the-minute technology, that is. Everything one reads about publishing focuses on the Indies.

No, not the Indian subcontinent and southeast Asia, but authors who are independently publishing their own books through the miracle of electronics. The idea is that they do all the work and reap all the benefits. While popular U. Thank you to Laura and Bruce at Rediscovered Books and to all my friends who came out to hear about the latest in the Monastery Murders, have books signed and to be so wonderfully supportive— and to my lovely husband who took the pictures.

I love you all! Welcome, mystery writer and rabbi, Ilene Schneider. Last summer when I needed research help regarding first century rabbis I turned to ilene. She was wonderfully generous in her help. Welcome, Ilene! Chanukah Guilt is the first Rabbi Aviva Cohen mystery. She has completed the second, Unleavened Dead, and is Today I'm doing a blog exchange with K. Dawn Byrd. Dawn is a multi-published author who writes romance, romantic suspense, historical, and young adult fiction. She's an avid blogger and interviews authors who give away several books per week on her blog at www.

If you're the winner of a book, be sure and ask the author to sign it for you. Their favorite evening consists of a leisurely walk beside a gorgeous lake near their home while plotting the First the shouting and champagne cork-popping or at least a can of Sprite and then the nail-biting.

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After all the months of planning, researching, writing, editing, rewriting, comes the waiting. Then you see the page proofs and the cover— something akin to seeing the photos from an ultra-sound. Then more waiting. At last the book launch. And there is much rejoicing. Only to be followed by more waiting for the reviews. What if, after all that— months, maybe years of your life— nobody likes it? As you might guess, research is one of my great joys in the job of writing and Father Antony, who lectures on church history at the theological college Felicity is attending, shares my joys.

Felicity, a thoroughly modern American woman, who chose to study in a monastery in rural Yorkshire in what she can only describe Friday, A. Nothing to do but get on with my day. The reading from Revelation for Morning Prayer was especially appropriate; "Glory and honour and power are yours by right, O Lord our God. For you created I know, we haven't had Thanksgiving yet. But Halloween is over, although our neighbor's ghost is still blowing in the tree outside my window along with all the lovely autumn leaves.

Still, it really is time to start thinking about your Christmas shopping— there's nothing worse than leaving that until the last minute.

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So I've invited my friend Kathi Macias to help us out with a suggestion for the booklovers on your gift list. Thank you, Donna. I've always thought it would be fun to write one, and now I've actually done it. In addition, I've contracted The second annual Idaho Book Extravaganza was officially a huge success. Participation trebled that of last year— and projections are that it will triple again next year. I was thrilled to be one of the award recipients along with so many of my friends.

The Author Mixer followed. Over to you, Donn:. Thanks for inviting me onto your blog, Donna, and thanks for the prompt about how I came to write my suspense novel The Lazarus File. Unlike my mystery Rhapsody in Red , which developed rather suddenly, Lazarus was a long time in coming about. In the mids I was assigned as commander of an Army aviation company in Verdun, France, and my pilots were flying deHavilland Otters all over free Europe and the Mediterranean area. I happened then to Thanks to your great response we did it and I'll have the fun of being included in the book.

My guest today is Chris Nickson, writer of noir historical mysteries set in Leeds. I met Chris through an online British historical novelists group and we connected because his books are set just a few miles from my fictional Kirkthorpe where The Monastery Murders have their beginnings before Felicity and Antony race further afield chasing and being chased by murderers.

It was a delightful read, Dear Friends and Readers,.

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Please help! As you can imagine, I would be thrilled to have my profile and books listed in this book along with other up-and-coming authors. All you have to do is click on this link The Authors Show Contest. I think you can skip the survey. Then scroll down to Donna Fletcher Crow listed alphabetically and click. The writing of Out Of The Ruins grew out of a lot of serendipitous experiences that gradually floated together in my brain to form a fictional pattern.

Neither my husband nor I took Saturday off— that's one of the less felicitous things about both being self-employed and both working from home. We tend to work pretty much nonstop. Saturday evening we finally sat down and put our feet up to watch a favorite TV program— "MI-5" or "Spooks" depending which side of the pond you're watching it on.

Then the phone rang. I do write fiction, you understand. In this ephemeral market twenty years and still in print is no small thing. Although, I must explain that it did go OOP My guest today is Kathi Macias. Kathi is known for writing award-winning books that tackle tough subjects. I'll let Kathi tell you about it in her own words:. People often ask me why I write about such dark subjects, such as the Persecuted Church or human trafficking. Deliver Me From Evil , the first book in my new Freedom series, depicts the horrors of human trafficking.

The three books in the series follow one after the other, taking the readers into the sordid world of young girls kidnapped or purposely sold into Then you wait. And pray. I wonder if anyone noticed I was gone? I noticed. Especially when I returned home to messages in my inbox. Romping with grandchildren is much more fun! Stan and I drove to Calgary 15 hours straight through for a half family reunion with two of our four children and their Well, sortof.

And I applaud the fact that private donors have given the money to buy the book from the Jesuits at the beautiful Stonyhurst College in Lancashire in order to keep the treasure in England— appropriately at the British Library. I have long been a fan of Ellie Quick, Veronica Heley's gently determined, overage detective.

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I asked Veronica especially to focus on the uneasy mother-daughter relationship between Ellie and her difficult daughter Diana. I find But once in awhile one gets a boost that gives energy to the whole day, maybe the whole week. I had one of those recently in the form of a letter from a reader. With her permission, I share:. Donna, I just read my first "Elizabeth and Richard" mystery. I loved it!!! I have to admit, when I started reading, I didn't think you could pull it off -- a murder at a murder mystery week?

But, boy, you can spin a tale! I loved every moment of the intrigue, the romance, the suspense. I have to admit, I didn't like [the villain] from the get-go. He just got on my nerves, somehow. Richard, now, he's my kind of guy. Sweet, considerate, smart. And Elizabeth is a great character, of course. If only I could have seen photos of her outfits -- you made them sound so wonderful! I loved the scene where Elizabeth and Richard I have put forth a lot of effort this Fourth of July weekend encouraging readers looking for an Independence Day themed book to take a look at Looking for a politically-themed novel to go along with your Fourth of July weekend relaxing?

Actually, I use vinegar, but you get the image. For starters, how about spending your Fourth of July in northern Idaho at the rock festival sponsored by the Universal Life Church? Billed as a "church picnic" it was sure to be a bigger and better Woodstock: better bands, better weather, better drugs. Stephanie is all set to enjoy the warmth, the freedom, the creativity. And her The theme of the series will be the sacred places of the British Isles — a good excuse to revisit some of my favourite places.

The first one is set in Pennant Melangell, a remote shrine church in the Welsh mountains. The legend is of a hunted hare that was found being A very wise and generous writer friend, Rob Walker by name, advised me, "Donna, your titles are extremely good. You should, one by one over a period of time, discuss how you arrived at the title of each of your books. Researching books can take you to some wonderful places. Some years ago, I was at a course on Celtic history and beliefs in North Wales. One of our field trips took us to a medieval pilgrimage site at the end of the road in the Berwyn Mountains.

Welcome, K Dawn. Do you ever wonder what your grandmother or great grandmother would have to say about the internet and blogs and Facebook and Twitter and all the fun tools we have at our fingertips? Well, today my grandmothers made it into cyberspace. Of course, they did it virtually, as most things are done these days. What the Germans What a fun idea. Mystery Writer and blogger Marilyn Meredith and I are exchanging blogs today. And now, Here's Marilyn:. Looking back, I think I was always a writer. My first attempt was before I could actually write. I would listen to the soap opera "My Gal Sunday" on the radio with mom and draw pictures about the story.

Once I actually learned to write, I wrote all sorts of stories. At first, mostly like the ones I was reading in particular, I know I wrote my version of a "Little House on the Prairie" story. During my growing up years I wrote plays for the neighborhood David's Cathedral— way out on the very southwestern tip of Wales next stop Newfoundland and finding one of Fay's books in the bookstore:. Eboracum, the ancient Brigantian settlement which was garrisoned by a Roman legion in AD 71 and became capital of the province of Northern Britain, better known today as York, was the perfect meeting place for a group of history-loving mystery writers from three continents.

In plain English, I need your help, dear friends and gentle readers. But before I ask you to make those clicks, let me give you the numbers. Especially a writer of historical novels most of which are set miles away from home and require extensive research. James Bond hangs from the undercarriage of a helicopter spinning dizzily thousands of feet above an active volcano. Dodging hot lava spewing at him from below and bullets fired from above, he scrambles into the cabin, wrestles with the villain as the chopper, now pilotless, spirals toward the abyss. At the last minute Bond defeats the enemy and rights the 'copter.

All without wrinkling his French cuffs. We don't have a clue what's going on, but we are rivited. Novelist and editor Fay Sampson says that's how our novels should start:. Not long ago I went to an excellent session on short story writing, led by Veronica Bright. Much of her wisdom With the expense of travelling these days and the easy, wide reach of the Internet, physical book tours and in-person book signings are becoming rarer and rarer.

But there are still a lot of advantages to a real live author event. Of course, number one has to be the joy of meeting your readers face to face, getting to show them your books and tell how they came to be, then the delight of a good question and answer session. A good book event always has a sense of energy that can inspire writers, readers and book sellers alike. Before we get to your books, tell us something about yourself. I think all Anglophile Americans harbour just a bit of envy when they hear about a sister Yank Tell us about Faith Morgan.

Faith is a woman in her thirties who starts a career in the police-force then comes to believe that she is called become a minister in the Church of England. Her decision to follow her In response to my earlier post regarding the long wait between book releases from one continent to another I had such interesting replies from friends around the world— with my undying gratitude— that I decided the conversation is worth being pulled from the comment box to its own post.

That prompted a quick query to my English publisher who An enormous "Thank you! The good news is that Book 2, A Darkly Hidden Truth , is nearing the final phase of the editing process with manuscripts flying back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean by electronic magic between my brilliant and long-suffering editor Jan Greenough and myself. With each version the telling gets better and better. And with Welcome, Debra. Debra, I'll let you explain how we met. Of late I've become aware of an even newer, more immediate method of reaching readers than the virtual blog touring, which I enoy so much and had thought was cutting edge.

In recent weeks I've been interviewed over Skype twice, once as a video interview and once audio only, but including a Second Life connection, and I'm booked to do a podcast interview over the telephone. It's all a lot of fun and I'm up for anything that helps me connect with readers, but I'm also very confused. What's the difference between these various formats? Is one better than another? What a great day yesterday! A mystery readers loop I belong to has been discussing the question, "Has a library changed your life?

And at that moment it was in Okay, life, even the writing life, isn't a popularity contest, but I'll admit to scanning TOP TEN lists just on the chance I might find one of my books there. Well, it did happen in My guest today is New Jersey mystery writer Chris Redding. Welcome, Chris, Best of luck with your new release and thank you for your timely holiday thoughts on family relationships. I am writing this blog on Thanksgiving weekend.

Why is this significant? Because my sister and her husband left a little over 24 hours ago, to drive back to North Carolina. Up until a year and a half ago, they lived about 3 miles from my house. Work took them further away. I've adapted, as I always do, to the change. Except for brief times when It was great at Rediscovered Books last night. Having our Russian grandson with us for Thanksgiving has led me to muse on how fortunate we are to live in a country that sets aside a special day to give thanks to God.

Donna: My guest today is one of my favorite authors, Sally Wright, creator of the exquisitely written Ben Reese Mysteries. Sally, tell us about Ben— the man in the books, the real-life man and the man who lives in your head. Sally: It's funny how writing a series of books about an ongoing character ends up making you feel as though you're talking about yourself.

I've been writing novels about Ben We all love to talk to readers and writers, to share our books and show our book videos— and we especially love autographing books! We have Mystery, history, romance, action, adventure, science fiction and thriller to offer. That's a lot in just three books! One of the best meetings this year of our Devon Writers Group was an inside view of a murder enquiry. Detective Superintendent Nigel Boulton talked us through 13 years of leading such investigations.

Did you know, for instance, that bodies, or, more usually, bits of bodies are routinely picked up by fishermen in their nets? That has something to do with our living at the westerly end Meeting readers, connecting with writers, teaching classes on publishing, selling books. The First-ever Idaho Book Extrvaganza was an impressive success for all who participated. The mayor of Meridian's opening speech set the theme for the weekend as she expressed her amazement that the Boise Valley was full of so much talent. Everyone heartily agreed. One of the great pleasures of a visit to Canada is how Canadian culture is such a skillful blend of American and English heritage and yet so distinctly Canadian.

This seemed especially apparent to me in experiencing my first Canadian Thanksgiving. Mystery writers, old friends and parishioners turned Today I noted a strip of frost on the garage roof. In William Reader, his wife Rose and young son and daughter came to Calgary from England for Reader to assume the position of Parks Superintendent. There had been 2 previous superintendents, neither of whom had done much or stayed long in this rather arid frontier outpost.

One of my favorite stories is of taking a chauffered punt ride Cambmridge with my teenage sons. You know everything. A perfect autumn day in Calgary, sunny, golden and crisp. We took a long walk along the River Bow, complete with attempts at rock-skipping and two deer who observed us as intently as we observed them. Curves in the river path offered stunning view of the Calgary skyline, including the many cranes engaged in major construction projects in the city.

My son-in-law guide informed me that the only city in the world with more cranes engaged in building is Dubai. Calgary now has skyscrapers with 41 more under construction. An additional 13 have been approved for building and 63 await approval. A month in Calgary for a grandchild fix, a chance to do a bit of book promo and enjoy some lovely autumn color long before it comes to our trees south of the border, although I've learned that the iconic red maple leaf doesn't appear in the Alberta praries.

One of the highlights of our day yesterday was exploring the excellent military museums with displays that put the viewer in scenes typical of those encountered by soldiers in both World War I and II. The tables are turned when We have had a string of delightful guests recently on Deeds of Darkness; Deeds of Light, and today I bring you another one. Marian Allen and I have become friends through the wonders of virtual communication.

I especially admire her Flash Fiction— telling a short story in two or three sentences— because I am incredibly long-winded. If you ash Marian about it below, I'm sure she will tell you how to get it on your Ereader for free. I have also come to admire Marian as one of the most technologically savvy people I know, so today I've asked her to tell us what she learned in a course she took this summer about blogging Her books which fulfill her motto "Step Into Time" has won her thousands of devoted readers who are sure to be thrilled with her new historical mystery series set in the 's.

The book covers are mock-ups, but I think you'll agree with me that the final ones can't possibly be more stunning. Over to you, DeAnna. I am so delighted that today our guest is Veronica Heley, an author much read and loved on both sides of the Atlantic. Veronica has three mystery series which she will tell us all about. Do leave her a comment or ask a question and be on the look-out for her books. I was completely chuffed to have 43 responses. But never mind, your responses were quality! I especially appreciate your taking time to give such thoughtful replies to my question, "Which endorsement did you like best and why?

Can you believe this summer has gone so fast and this is the last post in our summer beach reads tour for edgy fiction? Wait a minute— what am i saying? So first, what is Edgy Christian fiction? My mother, a very wise woman, always said one should never pray for patience because the Bible says, "Tribulation worketh patience. And it has taught me that one of the virtues of patience is that when the time finally arrives— and it always does— the I fell in love with After more than 20 years as a professional writer and more than 30 books published, I spent 10 years in the wilderness of the unpublished.

Coming back has been like starting a whole new career— at a time when most of my friends are retiring. Ten years ago there was no Facebook, no Twitter, there were no Ebooks and no blogs. Facebook I came to easily since my daughter set up my account for me so she could more easily share pictures of my grandchildren. I, much later, set up my Author page with considerable trepidation.

Who would care? Why would anyone join? And now here we are, both writing mysteries. The genealogical research background was so well developed— and What is Edgy Christian fiction, and why does it make for the very best in summer reading? A group of exciting and excited-about-our-topic authors will be exploring that subject this month in a first-of-its-kind blog tour which we invite our readers to follow with as much anticipation as we feel. The schedule of fascinating topics and the blogs on which they will be appearing on successive dates are A few days later he told me how to create an event on my Facebook page.

Besides, I can push buttons when people tell me which ones to push. So I did. My children raised me right. Our sons grew up playing Dungeons and Dragons with their friends in our basement and our second son and his wife are enthusiastic members of The Society for Creative Anachronism SCA so I get it about roleplaying. But I really had no idea what I was getting into when I responded to a note on one of my mystery-reading loops offering author interviews on Second Life.

Shadows Over Innsmouth was a well-received anthology of works by popular modern horror authors who write their own tales based around H. Lovecraft's world of strange creatures who serve Cthulhu. Pairing a reader with that perfect book is her passion Just because it's page , and your hero and heroine haven't made love yet, doesn't mean you should panic and throw in a love scene. The reader knows when you're forcing the characters to do something they wouldn't normally do.

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The best thing to do is just write the story the way you know it should be written. And let the love scene come where it's supposed to come--not dictated by what page you're on--but by your characters and how they feel , e. Skip to content. She has given workshops on a variety of writing-related subjects at dozens of local, regional, and national conferences.

Japan's expert declutterer and professional cleaner Marie Kondo will help you tidy your rooms once and for all with her inspirational step-by-step

Spring Flowers, Summer Love (Mills & Boon Love Inspired) (Serenity Bay, Book 3) Spring Flowers, Summer Love (Mills & Boon Love Inspired) (Serenity Bay, Book 3)
Spring Flowers, Summer Love (Mills & Boon Love Inspired) (Serenity Bay, Book 3) Spring Flowers, Summer Love (Mills & Boon Love Inspired) (Serenity Bay, Book 3)
Spring Flowers, Summer Love (Mills & Boon Love Inspired) (Serenity Bay, Book 3) Spring Flowers, Summer Love (Mills & Boon Love Inspired) (Serenity Bay, Book 3)
Spring Flowers, Summer Love (Mills & Boon Love Inspired) (Serenity Bay, Book 3) Spring Flowers, Summer Love (Mills & Boon Love Inspired) (Serenity Bay, Book 3)
Spring Flowers, Summer Love (Mills & Boon Love Inspired) (Serenity Bay, Book 3) Spring Flowers, Summer Love (Mills & Boon Love Inspired) (Serenity Bay, Book 3)
Spring Flowers, Summer Love (Mills & Boon Love Inspired) (Serenity Bay, Book 3) Spring Flowers, Summer Love (Mills & Boon Love Inspired) (Serenity Bay, Book 3)

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