The Art Of Working From Home

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2. It reduces attrition rates.

Fun fact: Boulder, Colorado, is the city with the highest percentage of home-based workers; Thursday is the least likely day to work from home. More companies are adopting the policy, too: A study by the nonprofit human resources association WorldatWork and the work-from-home placement organization FlexJobs found that 80 percent of the companies surveyed offered flexible work options but only 37 percent of those were formalized.

The art of working from home

That means the other ones, the majority of them, were pretty much made up on the fly. I blame this, as I do most things, on stock art. Look at these clowns, lounging in comfy pants, smiling with the kind of delirious enthusiasm you usually equate with someone plotting to capture Batman. We do not all look like that! The comfy pants part is usually right, but everything else is a lie. Stanford University economics professor Nicholas Bloom spearheaded a study of the Chinese travel website Ctrip, which offered its call-center staff the opportunity to work from home for nine months.

The Truth About Working From Home

Of the volunteers, half were able to telecommute, while the other half served as a control group back in the office. The results, he wrote, blew him away: Ctrip employees working from home completed 13 percent more calls than their in-office counterparts—almost an extra day per week. They reported higher job satisfaction and quit at about half the rate of office folks. Ctrip, he says, was amazed. Related: Working Remotely?

Working from Home: Good for Employees

Freed from such minor daily tyrannies as showing my face at a certain time, minding my lunch breaks, looking busy , preparing for pointless meetings and making sure I left at p. This translates into general happiness and actual real-live productivity. Oh, wait…. Automattic , the web development company that runs WordPress, leans almost entirely on work-from-home employees, in a real-world nod to its open-source, untamed-Internet roots.

In a interview with BusinessInsider. We encourage all employees to take the time they need for vacation, to pursue their own interests, to stay healthy, and to spend time with friends and family. Working from a coffee shop?

You can use your co-working allowance for the requisite latte! Related: 5 Characteristics of a Great Company Culture. Once a year, employers spend a week together in person, in a combination getaway and team brainstorm , and there are regular small-team meet-ups all over the world. But primarily everyone interacts through such channels as Slack or Skype. We call it a lounge, not even an office.

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Our teams can adjust to that. Probably the most surprising aspect of my almost five years working at home was the startling discovery, one rainy afternoon, that I missed people. Not all people—not even close. But I missed conversations. Here Are 4 Ways to Create Camaraderie. This was weird. Seriously, we can smell the cayenne on your breath, Margaret. Motivation is crucial and something you have to mold on your own.

Start by determining if you respond best to extrinsic or intrinsic motivation. Numerous studies have found that increased employee engagement boosts productivity. The cost of employee turnover is huge--far larger than most people, even managers, assume.

In the Ctrip study cited above, the employees who worked from home reported "much higher job satisfaction" and "quit at half the rate of people in the office," a result that Bloom said "was beyond what we anticipated. In addition to lowering your attrition rate, a work-from-home policy can make it easier to recruit new employees. This is especially true for Millennials, according to a study at the University of Akron , which found that "41 percent of them state that they prefer communication via electronics as opposed to in person or over the phone. A recent University of Sydney study of more than 47, workers showed that they are happier and more productive at work if they have completely enclosed private offices. However, that study had an important omission: It did not treat working from home as a testable alternative. When employees can work from home to accomplish tasks that require concentration and no distractions, they'll be less likely to require privacy and quiet when they do come into the office.

As a bonus, employees who work from home buy their own office furniture. And if they're occasional in-office workers, they'll are less likely to expect or require fancy i. That means lower costs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 2. However, when employees can work from home, they're more likely to do so when ill, because they're saved the stress of commuting and interacting with other employees.

It’s Lonely

Just as important, while they're working from home, they're not spreading their illness and germs to their co-workers, which is a huge problem especially in open-plan offices where a single sneeze can create millions of airborne droplets. Working from home also limits employees' exposure to freeway air pollution, a major health hazard according to the American Lung Association.

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That makes perfect sense when you consider that working from home reduces or even eliminates many hours per week spent commuting, time that can be spent doing other things. And remember, that's not counting the 13 percent higher productivity and the other cost reductions described above.

The Art Of Working From Home The Art Of Working From Home
The Art Of Working From Home The Art Of Working From Home
The Art Of Working From Home The Art Of Working From Home
The Art Of Working From Home The Art Of Working From Home
The Art Of Working From Home The Art Of Working From Home

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